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A Fresh Perspective.

Personal Wellness

Nourishing Your Creativity. Energizing Your Life.


Revive Your Creative Spirit
with Recovery IV Drips

Life's journey is a rollercoaster ride, filled with its highs and lows. As creatives, we often face moments of exhaustion and mental fatigue, but we don't have to surrender to them.


Recovery IV drips, are specially designed to nourish your body and mind, offer the support needed to regain your vitality, creativity, and zest for life. Whether you're in a creative slump or simply need a wellness boost, these hydrating drips can help you bounce back stronger than ever."

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Elevate Your Creative Journey
with Immunity IV Drips

Creativity knows no bounds, and as artists, entrepreneurs, and explorers of life, we cherish every moment of our journey. Yet, the unexpected can disrupt our flow – be it due to illness, fatigue, or unforeseen challenges. While the age-old advice of hydration, sleep, exercise, and a balanced diet holds true, there are times when we need an extra layer of protection to keep our creative spirits thriving.

Enter Immunity IV drips, your proactive shield against disruptions. Crafted to fortify your body's defenses, these drips are your partners in preserving your creative momentum. They can't do it all, but they certainly add a crucial layer of prevention to your arsenal. Why wait for setbacks when you can proactively safeguard your well-being, ensuring a smoother and more creative journey ahead?"


Energize Your Creative Journey with Energy IV Drips

In the grand race of life, it's not just about starting strong – it's about maintaining that creative spark all the way through. If you kickstart your day with enthusiasm but hit a slump by noon, it's time to rethink your energy strategy. Many of us turn to caffeine for a quick boost, only to crash a few hours later, leaving us frustrated and drained.

But here's the game-changer: Creative Healing Health offers energy drips that provide sustained stamina, keeping you consistently energized without the rollercoaster of stimulants. Whether you're an artist, producer, gaffer these drips can help you stay laser-focused on your creative pursuits and navigate life's challenges with unwavering vitality."

IV Bag
  • What is an IV?
    Most people have had an IV at some point in their lives as it is an extremely common and preferable route for medications and fluid regulation in the hospital setting. An IV is a thin tube that is inserted into a vein and secured in place so it may be used to deliver fluids and medications to patients that need them.
  • Why is an IV better than just drinking water?
    Drinking water is a healthy practice and we highly encourage it, but water taken in via the oral route can take hours to be absorbed into your bloodstream via the large intestine. IV hydration introduces fluids directly to your bloodstream immediately, increasing your body’s fluid volume and making you feel better faster. If you’re vomiting or feeling nauseous you may not feel like you can keep down a glass of water. We’ve all been there. IV fluids bypass the gastrointestinal tract and don’t cause any increased nausea. In addition, anti-nausea medications can be added to your IV to improve your experience. Drinking water will slowly increase your body’s fluid volume but does nothing to replenish lost electrolytes. IV solutions carry minerals like calcium, sodium, magnesium and potassium which your body needs
  • Who provides the services?
    Every Creative Healing client customer will be greeted at their location by a licensed Registered Nurse who will perform their initial assessment, their treatment, and a post-treatment assessment. These Registered Nurses act under the direction and supervision of our Medical Director.
  • Does an IV hurt?
    An IV stick hurts no more than a pinch on your arm. Our Treatment Specialists are experienced providers that have initiated countless IVs over the course of their careers. Our team members can provide numbing cream at no additional cost if pain is of great concern.
  • How does the service work?
    To make an appointment for service all you have to do is text or call (443 681 9893) or schedule an appointment through the website. A customer representative will respond via call, text, or email to confirm your appointment. You are not charged for the service until after your treatment is finished. If you need to cancel your appointment or decide to refuse the service when our Treatment Specialist arrives you will not be charged. When the Treatment Specialist arrives at your location he or she will introduce themselves and prepare their equipment for service. At this point find a nice, comfy spot to receive your treatment and relax. The Treatment Specialist will perform an initial assessment to verify that you are eligible for treatment and that you don’t need more emergent care. The Treatment Specialist will then explain the process of IV insertion and treatment options. Once everyone is on the same page the Treatment Specialist will initiate an IV and treatment will begin. The Treatment Specialist will monitor the IV drip and ensure that everything flows smoothly. When the treatment is completed the Treatment Specialist will remove the IV and perform a post-treatment assessment before leaving. The entire process takes about 45 minutes to an hour.
  • Are there any potential complications?
    There are very few risks involved with IV fluid treatment. One small risk of IV treatment is infection at the insertion site. We take this risk seriously and as such our Treatment Specialists use aseptic technique and all IV insertion sites are cleaned and swabbed with rubbing alcohol prior to insertion. Another risk is fluid overload, which results from receiving too much fluid too quickly. To prevent this outcome all Treatment Specialists will perform both pre-treatment and post-treatment assessments and regulate fluid flow rate in the safest possible manner to mitigate any risk.
  • Do you accept health insurance?
    We do not currently accept any private health insurance, including Medicaid and Medicare. We do accept HSA or FSA credit cards for our services as long as they have a VISA or Mastercard endorsement. Some insurance companies will reimburse your treatment cost if you submit your receipt to them. A receipt is made available via text or email at the end of every appointment.
  • Do you offer group rates?
    Creative Healing offers group rates for both infusions and B-12 injections. If more than two clients request infusions during the same appointment they are all entitled to a 10% discount per treatment. Group B-12 injection rates are as follows: For 2-5 clients the price is $35 per client. For 6 or more clients the price is $25 per client.
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