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Empowering Creativity, Nurturing Health:

Connecting Creatives
to Quality Care

Get the treatment you need anywhere, anytime

Our Approach

Become a member or book a one-time service!  We provide wellness services that prioritize your individual lifestyle so you can have access when you need it most!  Choose your path! 

We are dedicated to ensuring you never feel like you don’t have options–Creative Healing means access to healthcare providing you peace of mind.

Insurance We Accept

HSA/FSA accepted

Medical Cannabis Certifying Provider

Featured Service

Certified.  Compassionate. Clarity. 



"I had been struggling to find affordable healthcare for years! Creative Healing was an answer to my prayers!  The personalized treatment plan they crafted for me, combining therapies and natural remedies, has been nothing short of miraculous. " - 

Jackie, 27
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